Over 30 different productions

Our productions:

• Ftakar

• Kelma Kelma Nota Nota

• A One Night Stand with the BBB


• Seas – Ibħra

• Folla Nies

Throughout the years, The Big Band Brothers have produced a number of productions, which were featured in important local and foreign festivals.

One principal interest of The Big Band Brothers is the promotion of Maltese culture, particularly the Maltese language, traditional songs and history. Throughout these last 10 years The Big Band Brothers have produced a number or productions including various editions of ”Ftakar’’, ‘’Kelma Kelma Nota Nota’’, ‘’Klaċċ u Brejk’ & “Iswed u Bla Zokkor”’. With a team of artists, we have explored the idea of marrying the three aspects together and creating a contemporary take (from a musical + performance aspect) on traditional elements. The Big Band Brothers have also recorded an album in the Maltese Language – “Ftakar”.

Other productions include KUBU - a multi-disciplinary, site-specific aerial performance which takes the stage off the ground and creates a performance that allows multiple viewing perspectives, “Seas – Ibħra” - a performance inspired by a series of events, historical or legendary, that happened at sea and various editions of “A One Night Stand with the BBB”.

The Big Band Brothers have also collaborated with a number of Theatre and Dance Companies namely Teatru Anon, Danza C & Redtape Dance Company.

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