BBB Juniors

About the project

"The Big Band Brothers Juniors is a Youth Jazz Orchestra which aims to perform concerts and collaborate in different venues across the island with the ambition to inspire young musicians to appreciate and practice genres such as Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, Latin & Bossa Nova."

The Big Band Brothers Juniors Band was founded in January 2017 by Jazz Trumpet player Alex Bezzina and has since performed in various concerts and collaborated with a number of other artists including the Malta Youth Orchestra and The Big Band Brothers.

The Big Band Brothers Juniors is constantly working on building a repertoire that challenges young musicians to play in various styles with a focus on improvisation, aiming to achieve a better understanding of contemporary styles and with the scope of improving the overall musicianship of future generations of musicians. The Band also focuses on technical ability, musical awareness, creativity and aural training. Band members have the option to prepare jazz grades for the London College of Music, awarded by the University of West London.