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Ftakar - Album (2012)


Album by Big Band Brothers (2012)

The Big Band Brothers, a 17 piece big band from Malta, has been around since 2005, founded by percussionist / singer Daniel Cauchi, the driving force behind this fun and energetic musical outfit.

Since its inception, the band has maintained a steadfast commitment to making and producing good music whilst pushing further its boundaries through different creative projects. The Big Band Brothers target new and more challenging opportunities, striving to improve in all aspects of performance.

The band’s performances and antics on stage are born of the collective wish to have fun playing and making music. So, whilst the band’s performances are musically in earnest, the band seeks to enjoy itself whilst making music, which results in performances that are both musically intense and entertaining to watch.

Throughout the years the Big Band Brothers have produced various concerts and projects, featured in various Arts, Music & street festivals, have collaborated with a number of Theatre & Dance companies and has entertained audiences in private and corporate events.

BBB setups include a jazz big band, roving band, electronic band, function band and the BBB Juniors.

The Big Band Brothers have taken their brand of live performance far and wide, having performed both locally and in collaboration with various local artists and also internationally namely in Portugal, England, Tunisia, Germany, Sicily, Turkey & Palestine.